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Multimedia guides Museums

PadGuide is a multimedia guide Intelligent System for Museums and Exhibitions, The guide can be used in indoor and outdoor environments.We can meet the different need that arise according on the specific needs of Museums.

The Pad Guide interactive guides work by various methods: with RFID devices, with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi with the Geo-referencing technology museum works.

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Devices and Monitoring for Healthcare

The objective to our solutions is to provide a new organizational model for the management of processes that, on the basis of an extremely advanced technology, simple to use and that does not require particular technological infrastructure, allowing the healthcare facility to obtain a series of advantages operational and economic.

Our solutions make use of patented technologies, an Italian production, which meet all the legal requirements in force at national and international level.

The applications and technological solutions used guarantee full traceability of all information relating to the various proceed stream and , above all, to safeguard the patient's health.
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Monitoring devices with Bluetooth and RFID

There is much talk of monitoring, a broad subject to possible applications, just think of the monitoring in health facilities, in schools, in gyms, leisure centers and much more.

For monitoring we want to identity an applied technology that allows you to remotely control the movement of following them electronic devices using the technique of geolocation.

From this we can deduce the vast possibilities of application and the Incredibles benefits that can result from a technology so sophisticated, but which greatly simplifies the work of those who for various reasons have to monitor and safeguard the health and safety of persons.

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Monitoring Family with GPS /Bluetooth

Application are in this historical moment is especially popular, and where there is a greater sensitivity and interest on the part of families, is the possibility to know at any time where their loved ones, animals and things.

This is called the Monitoring, ie the chance to see on the screen of a computer or a smartphone, the location of where you find people, animals and objects.

Monitaring should not be understood as a form of control, but as a security system and protection of persons in situations of daily life, just think of older people who may need to seek help and support and are cause far concern and anxiety far family members.

Nevertheless schools, kindergartens can use this new platform even during school trips, allowing you to monitor students with warning signs in cases of danger

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Automatic inventories

The inventory management using the RFID technology involves the design and development of dedicated software and the use of electronic devices useful to the process of diffusion of the information irrespective of the reference product sector.

Every business needs to be constantly updated on the situation inventory, for Warehouse items, books, practices, which can be monitored in order to have a true real-time traceability.

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Defence monitoring Plants

The awareness that environmental protection is a priority in land development planning has strangely characterized the new addresses of the EU agricultural policy, which assign to the agricultural sector a key role in environmental protection and sustainable development of the territory.

The agricultural and agri-food company not only has to offer the consumer the quality and safety of food, ar reserve it as much as possible the quality and quantity of natural resources.

Companies have a duty to respect innovative technologies, in order to maintain production methods compatible with the need to protect natural resources and the protection of the countryside and at the sa me time contribute to a sustainable land management without neglecting the protection of consumers and farmers farm chronic and acute illnesses derived farm poisoning with pesticides.

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Management Meals / Canteen

In the delicate and complex environment also our company wants to contribute with an innovative technology that allows you to able to solve most of those malfunctions that may occur in the administrations of their own meals.

Every child, elder, a canteen user, will be recorded on a registry with the appropriate and correct type of diet to him.
Our technology allows to recognize, by a badge or a bracelet given to every member of the correct diet and make matching the food serving tray.

A meal swapped by mistake may well harm even fatal, especially you are talking about patients who are post operators.

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Clothing and Uniform with RFID

specific categories of business have the need to manage the clothing of its employees, according to the laws in the matter of service organization, the security and the provisions on hygiene measures referred to in the Legislative Decree n. 165/2001, Law 300/1970 and Legislative Decree n. 81/2008.

Each administration must, in the interests of its exclusive services, and for obvious reasons of consistency and dignity, provide for the supply of uniforms, work clothes and personal protective equipment for employees.

Technology can, by applying labels, smart, (RFID tag) to manage the application flow from delivery to withdrawal of clothing, thus allowing to know without an error which could also create inventory management problems.

Each depend has its own registry card with the type of clothes / uniforms available and in use, following periods of seasonality and their sizes, this will have a traceability and accurate analysis of the operating costs.

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